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IBOToolbox Press Release

Petersen Ministries

Flying | Flite Instructors | Pilot Training | Testing | Solo Flite |

   I remember my first lessons in Pilot's training. Ir was on a small airport three miles out of town and hardly anyone around except me and my Instructor.

Instructo rAnd Studen

                     I remember my first solo flight.

                      Solo Pilot 

   I had made two or three takeoff and landings when my instructor got out of the plane just as I got into position to start the take off run again. He said, I know your are ready, so take off, go around and land an come back to here.

   I am glad that I took my training in this small airport in which there was
not nearly the chance of this happening to me as I heard about this student pilot. Sometimes students would have different instructors in a large operation. This is a story I heard:

   A photographer for a national magazine was assigned to take pictures of a great forest fire. He was advised that a small plane would be waiting at a local airfield to fly him over the fire.


   The photographer arrived at the airstrip just an hour before sundown.
   Sure enough, a small Cessna airplane was waiting. He jumped in with his equipment and shouted, "Let's go!"

   The tense man sitting in the pilot's seat swung the plane into the wind and soon they were in the air through flying erratically.

   "Fly over the north side of the fire," said the photographer,"and make several low-level passes until I tell you to stop."

   "Why?" asked the nervous pilot.

   "Because I'm going to take pictures!"  yelled the photographer. "I'm a
photographer, and photographers take pictures."

   After a long pause, the "pilot" replied, "You mean you're not my flight instructor?"


                 Sometimes we are put to the test to strength us!

                                       Photo of Pastor Harley Petersen          
                              Pastor Harley Petersen
                            Grateful to Serve

   P.S.   See our new office and Manager in Australia.   CLICK HERE                      

IBOToolbox Press Release

Following Orders

   My Parents had several dogs on our family fruit farm. They were friendly, protective, and at times you would feel that they completely understood what you told them.

   Beth and I had a young stray come to my shop. She had no ID.on her.We watched her for about a week and decided to take her home and see if she would fit into our young family. Our sons were about  five and seven years of age.

   She became one of us very quickly. She acted very lady like and therefore we name her Lady.

   Here is some humor with a statement. What is it?

    A very spiritual couple felt it important to own an equally spiritual pet.  So they went shopping. At a kennel specializing in a particular breed, they found a dog they liked quite a lot. When they asked the dog to fetch the Bible, he did it in a flash. When they instructed him to look up Psalms 23, he complied equally fast, using his paws with dexterity.

They were impressed, purchased the animal and went home.

   dog with glasses reading Bible                

    That night they invited friends over to see their new pet. They were so proud of their new dog and his skills they couldn't wait to show him off. So as soon as their guests showed up, they called out their dog and put him through his tricks.

    The guests were quite amazed. One of the asked, "Can he do any of the 'Normal' dog tricks?"

    "Well, we never thought about that," answered the husband. "Let's try one."

    He turned to the dog and clearly pronounced the command, "Heel."

   Quick as a wink, the dog jumped up, put his paw on their child's forehead, closed his eyes in concentration, and bowed his head.

Photo of Dog with Paw on child's head.

 What is the Statement? Tell me in your comment
Statement will be given in next Press Release.

Harley Petersen
 Pastor Harley Petersen

      Notice that We can learn about unseen things.

I am grateful to serve the Lord!

IBOToolbox Press Release

Harley Petersen | Petersen Ministries | Special word | Successful sales |

   We all can improve our sales by thinking about the words we use.

Successful sales is saying or writing the right words which paints a picture in our prospects minds which they want and will motivate them to a sale.

                          Cartoon of Man in the mirror

   So the answer should be simple, But do we think about the picture that the prospect wants to see? That is the biggest question and which we put the least amount of effort in.

   Here is an example that will give you both pictures and I hope you can also enjoy while learning. 

   The manager of a ladies' dress shop called in one of her clerks.
"Jane, your figures are well below those of the other clerks."

                                         Image of Sales record
   "I'm sorry, ma'am," mumbled Jane. "Can you give me any advice on how to do better?"

   "Well, there is an old trick that might help. Look through a dictionary until you come to a word that has a particular power for you. Memorize that word, and work it into your sales pitch."

are up
   Sure enough, Jane's sales figures went way up. At the end of the month, Jane explained. "It took me all weekend to find the right word, but I discovered fantastic." 

    My first customer on Monday told me that her girl had been accepted to an exclusive prep school, so I said, " fantastic.!" When she told me her daughter made As, I said " fantastic.!" She then bought $800.00 worth of clothes.
                              Picture of students ar Prep school

    The second customer needed a new formal for her evening at the country club. I said, " fantastic.," and she bought a dress and hundreds of dollars worth of clothes for other events. It's been like that all week; the customers keep boasting; I keep saying, "fantastic; and they keep buying."

                                 Photo of beautfil Bowl gown.
   Excellent," said the manager. "By the way, what did you used to say to customers before you discovered your power word?"

   Jane answered, "I used to say "So what?"

                          Photo of
Surprised Cat saying What

                 Photo of Pastor Harley Petersen                      Image of Question Mark
            Pastor Harley Petersen                Coming
            Grateful to Serve  

IBOToolbox Press Release
Fighting Fire
What We"ll Do for a Buck!
Harley Petersen | Petersen Ministries | Fire | Fire Truck | Reward | Firemen |

Fighting fire! This is for your enjoyment.

   One dark night outside a small town, a fire started inside the local chemical plant. Before long it exploded into flames, and an alarm went out to fire departments for miles around.

                              Photo of Chemical Plant on Fire

After fighting the fire for over an hour, the chemical company president approached the fire chief and said, "All of our secret formulas are in the vault in the center of the plant. They must be saved! I will give $50,000 to the engine company that brings them out safely"

                                     Photo of Fire Trucks working on fire.
   As soon as the chief heard this, he ordered the firemen to strengthen their attack on the blaze. After two more hours of attacking the fire, the president of the company offered $100,000 to the engine company that could bring out the company's secret files.

   From the distance a long siren was heard, and another fire truck came into sight. It was a local volunteer fire company composed entirely of men over sixty-five. To everyone's amazement, the little fire engine raced through the chemical plant gates and drove straight into the middle of the inferno. In the distance, the other firemen watched as the old timers hopped off their rig and began to fight the fire with an effort that no one had ever seen before. After an hour of intense fighting, the volunteer company had extinguished the fire and saved the secret formulas.

                       Photo of old fire truckk

   Joyously the chemical company president announced that he would double the reward to $200,000 and walked over to thank each of the volunteers personally.

   After thanking each of the old men individually, the president asked the group what they intended to do with the reward money.

   The fire-truck driver look him right in the eye and said, "The first thing  we're going to do is fix the brakes on the truck!" Don't Laugh at us, we can still get the job done!!

   Sometimes we are put to the Test to strengthen us.

                           Photo of
Pastor Harley Petersen                          Image of a Question Mark
                 Pastor Harley Petersen          Coming
                  Grateful to serve.

                                   All about us

IBOToolbox Press Release
What a Way To Start


Harley Petersen | Petersen Ministries | Special word | Successful sales | Right Word | Humor | sales presentation |

   I have had many jobs during my life time. They all have had different personality's. I remember when I was working with a fellow by the name of John. He was the type that could keep you laughing constantly. Some of my writing is influenced from my experience with John.

Man with no concern

   I got to know John pretty well and discovered that he was very quick with comebacks. I would ask him sometimes about how he became able to do this. Here is one that I don't believe that I will ever forget.

   He told me that he had been hired recently and the general manager of a large office noticed  John and that he was a new man. The manager and told him to come into his office. "What's your name?" he asked John..

                      Image of stern looking manager 

   "John," the new guy answered.

   The manager scowled, "Look, I don't know what kind of a namby-pamby place you worked for before, but I don't call anyone by the their first name. It breeds familiarity, and that leads to a break-down in authority. I refer to my employees by their last name only---Smith, Jones and Baker---that's all. I am to be referred to only as Mr. Robertson. Do you understand?"

   As John nodded, the manager continued, "Now that we got that straight, what's your last name?"

                   Image of casual man

   John sighed, "Darling. My name is John Darling."

   "OK, John. Now the next thing we need to discuss is................"

   I knew that was not his last name, so I asked and he said, "I don't know how to tell you, but it just comes into my thoughts.

   Sometimes I regret that someone was offended, but I do know that laughing is very beneficial to our health, both Physical and Mental.

                 Photo of Harley Petersen                  Image of Question Mark
        Pastor Harley Petersen               Coming
        Grateful to Serve   

                               Harley & Beth Petersen Ministries

IBOToolbox Press Release


| humor | How to write | how to speak | building good relationship |

   We all (and I am close to being No.ONE) have a natural tendency to try to hold authority. It comes from fear of loosing control and we fear that leads to failure. Now, Let's take a quick look at this in action with the following.

   A new manager of a large office noticed a new man one day and told him to come into his office. "What's you name?" he asked the new guy.

                            Two men entering office door.
   "John." the new guy answered.

   The manager scowled. "Look, I don't know what kind of a namby-pamby place you worked for before, but I don't call anyone by their first name. It breeds familiarity, and that leads to a breakdown in authority. I refer to my employees by their last name only--Smith, Jones--Baker--that's all,  I am to be referred to only as, Mr. Robertson. Do you understand?"

                        Photo of Baby in
praying position.

   As the new man nodded, the manager continued, "Now that we got that straight, what's your last name?"

   The new guy sighed, "Darling. My name is John Darling."
   "Ok. John. Now the next thing we need to discuss is...."

                     Happy man at lap top computer

   This sounds funny, doesn't it. We call this humor and laugh, But in reality, it could really crush someone and happens much to often..

   I have asked myself many times. What did I say or do which turned off this prospect.      

   How can we overcome this? We must remember to look for (What they want) and use those words which indicate, and give examples of the item or results they will receive

   Answers and examples to follow in next Press Release!!!!.  

              Photo of Pastor Harley Petersen                                   Photo of Question Mark
        Pastor Harley Petersen             Coming
     I am grateful to serve!

                                                   ABOUT US         

IBOToolbox Press Release


Farmer | Mule | Bad News | Mule is dead | Money back | Raffle | Bad News |

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Hello Everyone, I am am back again.

   I thought that I was doing real well, but I had a relapse and have not been very productive for the last six weeks. In case you have not read my earlier
report, you can read it here.

   So, to get started again, I am just going to have a little fun with an old story that a farmer customer of mine told me years ago as I was a feed sales rep. 

  A city boy moved to the country and bought a mule from an old farmer.

                        Cartoon of, Back off city boy!

The farmer agreed to deliver the mule the next day.

                  Picture of Good Looking Mule

   The next day, the farmer drove up and said, "Sorry, but I have some bad news. The mule is dead."

                  Mule in the Air over Two Wheel Trailer

   "Well, then, just give me my money back".
   "Can't do that. I went and spent it already."
   "OK, then." said the city boy, "just unload the mule."
           Picture of loading a mule in back of a truck

   "What ya gonna do with him?"
   "I'm going to raffle him off."
   "You can't raffle off a dead mule!" protested the farmer.
   "Sure I can. Just watch me. I just won't tell anybody he's dead."

              Mule on the ground

   A month later, the farmer met up with the city boy and asked. Whatever happened with that dead mule?"

   "I raffled him off. I sold a hundred tickets at two dollars apiece and made a ninety-eight dollar profit."

   "Didn't anyone complain?"
   "Just the guy who won. So I gave him the two dollars back."

                   Photo of Mule (Got Ya)
                    Got Ya!

                   Question Make
      I thought it would have been
                   here by now!                                        

      Harley Petersen       
P.S. We can tell you about a better way to recover a loss!

IBOToolbox Press Release


| school | school teacher | teacher | Science | Science teacher | grade school teacher|

                                                                                                                       A school teacher injured his back and had to wear a plaster cast around
the upper part of his body. It fit under his shirt and was not noticeable at all. On the first day of the term, still with the cast under his shirt, he found
himself assigned to the toughest students in the school.

   Walking confidently into the rowdy classroom he opened the window as wide as possible and then busied himself with desk-work. When a strong breeze made his tie flap, he took the desk stapler and stapled the tie to his chest.

Cartoon image of man with Dog face.

   He had no trouble with unruly students that entire year.

         OK, OK. That of course was pretty far fetched, but I had a real
personal incident happen in my own sixth grade classroom.

   I had not enjoyed Science in high school and college. Teachers taught mostly from the book and was mostly memorized formulas and Physics laws.But  I accepted the task as I had permission from our Principal to do much more demonstrating and having the students involved.

   Here is one of my projects which turned out to be a Huge Success. It was spontaneous as I had not planned nor thought that which happened.

   I had a problem student in my own class we will call Joe. I had accepted his as the principal had come to me before the year started and gave me a rundown about this student. Bad home conditions, full a rebellion

   We were in the new section of the text book, all about Physics. I developed a lesson plan of introduction with a demonstration of reducing water into Hydrogen & Oxygen. This was to be done with a H Apparatus.

    This introduction is to excite interest and curiosity in the students minds to want to develop a desire to lean more.                                                

Phot of H Apparatus

    The action here is that the +(positive) post will cause Oxygen bubbles to form and rise above the water as air is lighter than the water.

    Also, the -(negative) current will cause the Hydrogen bubbles to for and rise above the water as air is lighter than the water.

   Then the demonstration is also teaching to instigate and find out what these bubbles are and what is the character of each.

   I set this up early and it had produced sufficient amounts of each gas. I introduced it and really explained I was going to need the assistance of volunteers.  I emphasized that I need someone who had very strong nerves and did not get excited or rattled in preforming this part of the experiment.

   I picked a girl for the first part. I instructed her how to hold the test tube over the Oxygen tube.We could not see Oxygen going into the tube, but we could see the water rising as the Oxygen left the app

   Then the girl set the test tube down on the table with open end on the table.

    photo of test tube           .photos/WoodSplints

   She then started a fire on a wood splint. When burning well, I instructed her to blow out the flame. There is still  heat in the glowing embers. As instructed, she picked up the test tube and inserted the glowing wood splint into the tube and it glowed brighter and a flame started. The flame died out completely in a few seconds.

Photo of students volunteering

   I then made a big deal out of study nerves needed and how well she did. I really pushed the point that we have to expect anything to happen, but we have to have good control of our nerves and emotions

   I choose Joe. and as he came forward, I continued to emphasize the need for nerves of steel. Joe proceeded the same way and when he put the glowing glowing splint into the test tube, it produced a flash of smoke and a fast hissing pop sound. Needles to say, he dropped the test tube and went running out the door.

   There were two doors into the hall. One at each end and I started praising Joe as he had the nerves to handle the job even though it very shocking. I
was talking loud enough as both doors were open that Joe could hear me.

   The students were all excited saying, Mr Petersen, Joe is running away again. (this was one of his problems).

   I could see Joe as he had gone far enough so he could peek around the corner of the door and was listening. I acted as I had not noticed and continued to praise him and that we should all have less emotional reactions instead of blowing up.

   The ending is that he came back into the room and we proceeded on with the lesson.

   I felt very lucky that everything worked out very well as it caused a strong interest in the subject matter and the additional benefit that Joe (and the rest of the class) became much better and interested students.


                     Photo of
Harley Petersen          Question Mark             
 Harley Petersen       coming

P.S. If you read my last PR IN PLAIN SIGHT
This is overlooking what you see.

      Notice that We can learn about unseen things. How?
I am grateful to serve the Lord!

IBOToolbox Release

| Dog Pictures | Pet Dogs | Dog sense | Dog understanding |


   Why would I tell you about our Friend Lady. Well if you read on I believe that you will also say that she was our very special friend.

   It all started when she showed up at my shop. She was young, but full grown. She showed up at my shop with the door open and she came in slowly and cautiously. I stood quietly and talked to her softly.  I gave her some water which she drank and she sat down like this for some time watching me work.

   I got ready to go home and she followed me to my old van. I opened the door and she was sitting like this again and I said,  "Don't you have somewhere to go home to. Do you want to go home with me?"

                      Photo of our dag Lady

   She got up and into the old van, She came into the house with me and was quite as Beth, Russ and Brad all said hello. They said," She acts just like a little Lady." So from then on she was LADY. I asked the neighbor about her the next day and he told me that she had been hanging around for a week or more.

   A little background will help you understand more. Beth has had the heart arrhythmia problem since Birth. She has had five major Heart Attacks.

   One of the very special incidents with Lady was when Beth was able to come home after her second attack.

                   Photo of our family on Porch of house. 

   Dr.'s instruction was bed rest, quiet, etc. Well the next morning we agreed that the boys go to school and I would go to work. If needed, I was five to ten minutes away.

   So the boys and I said goodbye and I looked down and said to Lady. Now Beth is not to get up and walk around the house, Now Lady, your job today is to keep her company and not let her walk around the house.

   Lady walked over to a rug on the floor right beside Beth's side of the Bed. The three of us said good bye and took our leave.

   That evening, the boys were already home and met me telling me that Beth said that Lady did not leave except the two times Beth needed to go to the Bath room. She said that Lady moved ahead of her and sat it the middle of the hall way until Beth returned to the bed and Lady followed and sat down on the rug.

                     Photo of our family and our campers in

   Lady was always ready to go camping and we never had to call her back etc. Always acted like she knew what Beth needed and that was her duty.

   Lady was like that most of the time. The only time she was not was when our Thermostat on our furnace quit. Beth called our electrician.  He looked at the thermometer and went downstairs to the furnace.  As he came back up the stairs very rapidly into the living room where Beth and boys were watching TV.  Lady had him by the leg. Lucky, no harm done, but apparently Lady felt protection was needed.

   Yes, we miss her, She had been part of the family for 16 years. We wondered many times, was there more to this other than a loving pet?

More About that Soon. However my absence has been working on this project.

We have a big announcement coming soon. I can't tell you about it yet because you can not see it, but I can tell you this

  • You need it.
  • You want it.                  
  • We have it.

                                   Image of Question Mark

                      It is coming very soon because:

                we care for you at
Petersen Enterprise

                                  Photo of Harley Petersen


                          Harley Petersen

IBOToolbox Press Release

You Can't Teach a D?? thing!
| Fall scene | classroom | teaching | sell | post holes | fence |  strong fence | big announcement | 

   She said "Harley, you can't teach a (?am) thing. WHAT? Did I hear her correctly?

   I was shocked and bewildered did not want to believe what I heard.

  Well, let's go back to that fall day of 1955 and I will have to explain a little background to you.

                       Fall scene of horse in pasture

 It was in the fall of 1955 and I was just starting out as a Freshman in this Christian Bible College. I was 17 years old and 1,600 miles from home. I was in the class of (Class Room Teaching). of about 75 students

Miss Mac was probably in her late 50's or early 60's. She was all of maybe 4 foot 10 inches tall. (Maybe).

The classroom was on the 3rd floor and I had a seat in the back of the room. They were chairs with a writing pad on the right arm rest for writing notes. Right behind me was a east facing window. The sun was shining on my back and I think I was mostly asleep with my chin in my hand at 8am.

   Miss Mac had walked down through the students in their chairs and was standing a few steps in front of me and I heard her say, "Harley, you can not teach a D?? thing.

                 Photo of a classroom chair with arm for writing.

 I looked up at her (only slightly up as she was not over 4ft. 10in.) I was thinking, "Did I hear her right. Did she really say that here in a bible college."   

She was silent for a moment and then said, "Well, are you just going to sit there, or say something or get up and leave or what?"

   I said, " I imagine  that you will be telling me what."

   She laughed and said to the class, "if you learn one thing in this class and in the whole education from this college it is this. You cannot teach a thing until you have created a desire in the students to want to learn."

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the same to you. You cannot teach (sell) anything to someone until you develop in them a  desire to learn what it is that you are selling.

                  Man digging hole by hand with
post hole digger
                 Tractor mounted post hole auger
An example might be like a farmer came in to buy a post hole digger. Now, think about this. It is not the post hole digger he wants, that is hard work. His desire is the good looking, strong fence to hold his cattle in the pen (etc).

               Good looking strong wood fence

 If you have helped him visualize the good looking strong fence that he will have, then and only then will he want to know the details.

Finally, if you have satisfied his desire, how, what, why will he want to know the price.

If you throw all  the details, commissions, methods, unbelievable expected income, it ends up in their minds (your prospects)  as "SPAMMING" me.

  • You need it.
  • You want it.                  
  • We have it.

                                   Image of Question Mark

                      It is coming very soon because:

                we care for you at
Petersen Enterprise

                                  Photo of Harley Petersen


                                 Harley Petersen


IBOToolbox Press  Release

Are You Safe?

| Pasture with Flowers | Barn in Background | Bundle of flowers | Bull with cows standing behind |

   During my 18 years working as a Livestock nutrition representative, I saw a lot of rural scenes like you will see below and I heard many fun stories.

   I also learned a lot about life and how it is so similar to our lives.

For example:

   There was a young man from town on his way to pick up his date at her parents Farm House.  He noticed some beautiful wild flowers on the way and a thought came to him that his date might be impressed if he picked some and gave her a bouquet.

Pasture with flowers Barn in distance

   He was pretty excited and intent on choosing the different flowers. He was so intent, that he did not notice the animals moving in behind him. He did not have many yet to make a beautiful Bouquet. He kept on picking the flowers as the herd was quietly closing in.

hands holding a bundele of

   He heard something like a sniffer, turned around and here was a Bull and a heard of cows behind him.

    Image of Bull with Cows standing

He look the other way and saw the rancher leaning on the fence. He shouted to the rancher "is that Bull safe."

The rancher said,"
I would say that Bull is very safe,
but I don't know how safe you are."

Randher leaning on Fence

   Are you in a new place in life or are you running into new things, some of which are new and strange to you? Do you feel like it is over whelming sometimes?

   I remember when I started out on the internet in 1999, I was verygreen as many were even though I had my first computer in 1983. We used it for financial book keeping and writing in place of the old typewriter. I also had abut twenty five years experience in sales work.

   I finely joined a group by chance.The developer and leader of that group was very experienced.  He was a very good teacher and coach. He is still very active online today and I appreciate him.

We have a big announcement coming soon. I can't tell you about it yet because you can not see it, but I can tell you this
  • You need it.
  • You want it.                  
  • We have it.

     Image of Question Mark

                      It is coming very soon because:

                we care for you at Petersen Enterprise

                                  Photo of Harley Petersen


                        Harley Petersen

IBOToolbox Press Release

I Feel Fine

| farm | humor | semi truck | Judge | Claiming injury | point a gun |

   This is another one from my experience in
working with my farm customers.

   I stopped at Joe Andersen's farm one morning
and  I asked him how his day in court turned out.

touching Brim of his hat.

    Joe decided his injuries from an accident
were serious enough to take the trucking
company who's truck caused the accident to

   In court, the trucking company's lawyer
questioned  Joe. "At the scene of the accident,
didn't you say "I fine." And now you're claiming

questioning Witmess

   Joe said,  "Well, let me explain,"

   No need to explain. Just answer the question."
At that point, the judge interrupted and allowed
me to explain.

          Judge at his
bench addressing a man in court

   "Thank you, Your Honor,"  I said  . "I had just loaded Bessie into the trailer and was driving down the highway when this huge semi truck and trailer ran the stop sign
and smacked my truck right in the side. I was thrown
 into one ditch and Bessie into the other. I was hurting
real bad and didn't want to move. However, I could
hear Bessie moaning, and I knew she was in trouble.
Soon a high patrolman came up, walked over to
Bessie, saw her extreme condition and shot her
between the eyes to put her out of her  misery.
Then he came across the road to me.

pointing a pistol

He had his gun in his hand, looked at me, and said, "Your cow was in such bad shape that I had to shoot her. How are you feeling?" Naturally I looked up, saw the gun and answered.

   "I"'m fine, really, I'm fine.
         No, I'm not going to point a gun at you, because
                 when you see it, you will know....

    You need it.
                      You want it.                 
    We have it.

                   Image of question mark
                 It is coming very soon because:

           we care for you at Petersen Enterprise

                           Photo of Harley Petersen


                            Harley Petersen

IBOToolbox Press Release

Sales on Top

Two bowling teams, one made up of accountants and one made up of salespeople, chartered a double-deck bus for a weekend of  a bowling tournament in Atlantic City.

                               Double Deck Buss

   The accountants rode in the bottom of the bus. The salespeople rode on the top level. The team made up of accountants down below was having a great time when one of them realized that there was no noise coming from up above.

   One of the accountants went up to investigate. When he got to the top, he found all the salespeople frozen in fear, staring straight ahead at the road, and clutching the seats in front of them with white knuckles.

                            Cartoon of Face of Fear
   He asked, "What's going on up here? We're having a great time down below."

   One of the salespeople looked up and answered, "Yeah, but you've got a driver!"

   Do you know that most people have a hard time believing in something that they cannot see, hear, feel, taste or smell. Right! 

   Ummmm, how about driving in the center lane of a four lane Blvd. and coming into an intersection at about 35-40 miles per hour. Most of the time you can not see the lights for the cross traffic.OH!

                 Image of traffic lights at intersection

   If you continue, is that believing in something you can not see.or are you trusting that the Signal Lights are working correctly? 

   Driving through, are you believing that everyone is going to obey the red light which is supposed to be in their Signal Light? Can you see what they are thinking? 

Are you trusting that they will all stop. No mistakes running into you?

We have a big announcement coming soon. I can't tell you about it yet because you can not see it, but I can tell you this
  • You need it.
  • You want it.                   
  • We have it.

                                   Image of Question Mark

                     It is coming very soon because:

            we care for you at 
Petersen Ministries.com

                                  Photo of Harley Petersen


                          Harley Petersen

IBOToolbox Press Release

Number 1, In 5 days - May I show you How?

Some of you have noticed that my last PR was
three weeks ago. Some have asked, where have you been. 

Well now you will know, I was in training and development.

Now, here it is.

I had a hard time believing that we could achieve the top position on the first page
of Google Search in 30 days or less.

Why was this so hard to believe? I believe that some of my background will help explain this. 

Back in 1983, one of our sons had just graduated from University of Nebraska.
His degree was in Livestock Nutrition  and Computer Science.He came to
join us in a business we were operating. We acquired an IBM computer to
keep financial records for the business.

                      Image of IBM computer of the 90"s    

It was a great improvement in writing letters. With the old
typewriters, we had white out to cover the mistakes, but it hardly ever
worked well enough to cover up the mistakes so the computer quickly
replaced the typewriter.

            Image of Old Underwood TypewriterWhite Liquid to paint over mistakes while using trypwriters

Then came the Internet and I was noted. I held out for awhile, but then I began to see a future in the Internet. The first endeavor was signing up in Team 2,000. This was developed by young  man whom I now consider a good friend This was a very productive and profitable venture.. 

I learned a lot from him and went on to develop my own web site to correspond with the team. This friend helped me a lot in the beginning to learn the SEO system, how to recruit, how to buy leads and call the prospects. 

I also found out that to be successful, we had to develop in all aspects of the business. During this time, I had a web site which rose to #1 in Google search. This however took about 11/2 years.

So I went on and got my Dell Dimension 8400 Series with the new XP Professional which is now going to be let out to pasture or the junk heap. I don't like the flat keyboard on my lap top so I am still composing on desk top.

               Image of Dell computers
I am amazed at how so many web sites do not have any SEO work done in them now.  I had a visit with this friend of mine and he suggested that I contact this individual who seems very experienced in this procedure.This young man said I could develop mine or other web sites into the #1 on Google Local Search in 30 days or less.

What, I thought; 30 days or less now, compared to my 1!/2 years. No way. 

So now you can see  how surprised I was to have one make it in Five Days. I was so surprised that I took this snap shot and a video of this.

Image of Number 1 in Google Search in 5 days.

Notice, You can find this on your computer just using the search as above.

This is a snap shoot of my computer screen. I am sorry now that I did not take the picture of the whole page. This is the first page and this is the #1 position. Notice that this is in competition against  27 million 700 thousand other Web sites. 

We have a wonderful place to develop our writing skills here at IBO. However, if they don't see your web site, they will never get to read your writing. First page of Google search is where they will find you.

Would you like to be able to do this for yourself or contract to do it for others, I can help you. We also have many other tools in our program to enhance your success.

Are you tired of

  • trying this and that and losing money and a lot of time
  • listening to this and that tremendous sales pitch and then nothing
  • feeling like everything is a lost cause
  • losing your self confidence
Look, I already have contracts with some individuals and companies to do their SEO. This is real business and 10 to 1,000 times more profitable than paying someone to let you work for them. How many times have you found a job and you paid them so you could work for them? 

Don't get me wrong, It is right to pay rent for equipment or tools. It is also right to pay for training, (but pay someone so you can work for them?)

How many times have you had the idea and tools to do what only a few other people can do? There are business, small and large who are hunting for someone like you with this ability and tools.

Would you like to

1. become known as the one who can really help people
2. be able to support your family without working night and day
3. pay cash for what you want, car, house, family vacations, etc.
4, have people coming to you for your service

If you do not have the skills yet to handle something like this  we have other tools which we can teach you how to work with to make money while you are developing the skills to handle more sophisticated tools.

This is really too valuable and important to put it on a web site, email, capture page, Splash page.

Let's get together on the phone.

Call me or email me with a time for me to call you.
Call me:     402-327-2166

Write me:


Harley Petersen

IBOToolbox Press Release

Seeing is Believing?

I have always been excited about Airplanes since I was real young. My uncle had a Stinson 105 based at a grass runway airport about 1 mile south of my parents Fruit Ranch in California.

Stinson 108 Airplane 3 passanger
My Uncle Art took the time to show me most all of the airplane and took me for a ride many times during my pr-teens and early teens.

   I was so interested in airplanes that I would even take a date with me to an airport and stop and watch the activity.

   Fast forward from High School Graduation 1955 to 7-7-1973 (my birthday) Beth said, "well maybe you should learn to fly and see if it really is something you want to do."

Cessna 150 2 passanger Airplane trainer plane

   That is all it took,  I had my Airman Certificate in a couple of months. This Cessna 150 is almost like the one I received my training.in. It would cruse at about100 air miles per hour.

   I had joined a flying club in Blair where we lived in Blair Nebraska.

The flying club owned a 150 much like the one above and also a Cessna 182. This was a four passenger Airplane. I would cruse about 145 (?) air miles per hour.  

Cessna 182 4 passanger Airplane

   Then later as I became a Sales Manager over five states working with our Distributers of Farm Equipment, an airplane was a very handy tool for this amount of traveling. So a friend of mine and I bought this Bonanza

Me flying our Bonaza 4 passenger retracting Airplane
Me flying our Bonaza 4 passenger retracting airplane

   Many times I have had somebody riding with me in our airplane. If this is their first ride in an airplane they can be pretty Nervous.

   I remember one who watched me read and check through the take off check list and said to me,"If you have to read the instructions before take off, please take me back to the hanger." This was not a joke, he really was terrified.

   If I had a rider with me for their first ride, I would usually ask the rider to put their hand on the control wheel and instruct them to turn it a little.

Now when they feel the pressure, they begin to believe that the
air we live in and breath is something real even though we can not see it.

   Is this developing faith in something that you can not see, smell, taste, hear or feel?  Sometimes I have to remind myself that there is.

We care at Petersen Ministries

Sincerely Harley Petersen

IBO Toolbox Press Release

One Of Life's Lessons

Some of you know that I am a Pastor. Not as one which you know who Pastors a Church,
but I am an Evangelist. In this position I work for churches who want me to come in for one or several special
messages or some kind of help. 

   One day I sat in on a Bible Study Class. The class consisted of very young to very old people.

Very young boy in suit and tie preaching on stage

As this Pastor was finishing up on a teaching about forgiving one's enemies,
he wanted to drill the meaning of the lesson home so 
he asked for a show of hands of those who were willing
to forgive their enemies. About half of the class raised their hands.

   He continued on reteaching some of the material and then He asked again,
"Are you are willing to forgive your enemies."
This time, 80 percent of his congregation raised their hands.
Not giving up, the minister continued for fifteen more minutes.

Very young boy in suit and tie preaching on stage with mike.

When he again asked for a show of hands, all members--except--one raised their hands. 

   "Mr. Jones," asked the Pastor, "are you not willing to forgive your enemies?" 

   "I don't have any."

   Pastor said, "Mr. Jones that is very unusual. I know you are eight-nine years old. Would you please come down to the front and explain to all of us how you have lived so long without making a single enemy in the world?"

Very young boy with a walker like an old man

   Mr. Jones shuffled up to the front, holding each pew to support his balance
and slowly said "It's easy. I've outlived every one of them."

If you enjoy Humor, we have many in our web site!
I really enjoy the humor page myself.
I had others help me build this page for your enjoyment.

HOME PAGE                     HUMOR PAGE

Harley Petersen

Photo of Harley Petersen

IBO Toolbox Press Release


Have you had an experience of a young child using the wrong word.
Maybe using the wrong word because it sounds so similar.

I remember that I was standing outside the church when I herd  a young
nephew ask another young boy if he knew how many women a man 
can marry?

"Sixteen," the boy answered.

Ua, aaa said young boy. That's not right. 
"Yes it is said the little boy," The preacher said, "four better, 
four worse, four richer, four poorer"

Well, no harm done there, however the better our knowledge of
words, The better we can do the job.

Take for instance, when I worked the Big Heavy Equipment, a 
mistake could be very costly. Here is a Cat D10 & Cat D9.

I was working on a section of the Union Pacific Railroad and
I was cutting out another road way for another set of rails.

The job entailed cutting a hill down 65 feet, 100 feet back into the 
hill and a 2 to 1 slope. Five miles of the job had this solid rock.

Harley standing between Cat D10 & Cat D9

So now, as you are cutting this out. You have to know what
the plans call for and what does these words mean?
A two to one slope.

That means for every foot higher, you have to be 2 foot deeper
into the slope. All the time remembering that you can not go back
and cut out more nor go back and fill a hole if you cut it to deep.

And you might find it a little unnerving to watch someone like me
working on the slope.

Picture from inside the cab on a 2 to 1 slope.

Would you like to get a good feel what it is like in the cab. Try 
tilting you head to the left until your eyes are level with the 
dashboard. You might even feel a little uncomfortable do this.
Any one for a ride?

I think that there is only a very few people who understand how
powerful our words can be. 

Yep, Think about it for a minute. Our words can even move 
mountains. How?

Follow me....
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Harley Petersen

We care at Petersen Ministries

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Developing Productive Relationships with People

| Relationships | Percheron Breed | Gentle Giants | Draft Horses | Developing Trust | Developing relationships

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What does a horse and chickens have to do with Success in Network marketing. Read on!

Harley-Dad-his horse Bert a Percheron Draft horse.
I told you I would send you
some Videos of the Draft 
Horses known as Gentle 
Giants. I have many videos 
(about 1 1/2 hours) in 
which I am editing and slow 
doing it as this is my first 

However, Let's take a 
look at a Draft Horse.This 
is what the farmers used
until the early1900s. to do 
the field work. They are a 
lot bigger (some twice the 
size) of  a quarter horse 
(or saddle horse). Oh, 
by the way, that is me 
on Bert's back and my Dad. 
Dad was either 27 or 28 at
the time of this picture. 
I must be in my two's.

Bert is of the Percheron
 Breed.  This Breed was 
developed in France 
during the 1800's

He was very gentle around me.

Yes, this is yours truly at 3 or 
4 years old. Yes, it was my 
job to feed the chickens and 
conflict the eggs.

Notice that the chickens are 
not afraid of me. If a stranger 
entered, they would run and 
Notice the one in my arms, 
just like a pet dog, cat, etc.

One thing that you can't see
 is that when you have their 
trust and they like to be
around you, their egg 
production increases. 

Notice the steel wheel 
behind my right shoulder 
and the cycle bar. That 
was a hay mowing 
implement. The curved
wooden handles behind 
the right side of my hat 
is a walking plow which 
Bert would pull for dad 

to work the ground!

Harley as a boy
 I remember the rest of the family would bring up an incident which I was too young to 
remember, it was about the day when Dad was putting the harness on Burt to go to the 
field.I was doing a ring around the front legs of Bert. My mother was running from the 
house as my grandparents were driving into the yard. All three of them were yelling at 
my dad for not watching me closer. He shouted back and said, I trust him around 
Bert more than any one of the three of you.

Yes, you learn to how develop trust and relationship when working with the animals, 
which will produce well for you. Notice the trust between Bert and my dad.

IBOtoolbox is a tremendous tool to develop this kind of trust with your leads, 
prospects and customers.Learn how to talk about what is on their mind. Talk about 
what it is they want. Don't tell them you will have them making an amount they have 
never made in 30 day. You break their potential trust before you every get started. 
They won't believe you! They really do want to believe you, Talk their language.


I care, we care at Petersen Ministries     

Check us out!   

IBOToolbox Press Release
| Leads Buiness | Leads OnlLeas | IBOtoolbox | Press Release |

Chasing Leads


Are you chasing large number of leads and not getting anywhere. Are you exhausted,
wore out, discouraged, don't know where to turn, but don't want to give up?

Woman chasing a dimond on
a stick

Leads are very important and is the very heat of selling your program and buying
good quality leads can be very rewarding and profitable. However, wouldn't it be
better to have them chasing you?

popeye in sprint

How? Leaning how to write priceless Press Releases in the IBOtoolbox Program!
1. Read and evaluate what others are doing!
2. Write an article and then check it.
   a. An attention getter Title.
   b. Attention getter first line.
   c. Share a problem.
   d. Close with a call to action.

Write with some humor, friendly, agreeable language                      

With some time and practice you will learn how to draw people's 
attention into reading your article. You will learn how to write
to keep them really interested in what you are writing which
is painting a picture in their mind. The picture will become more
real to them as a successful venture.

When you achieve this result, your leads will be chasing you.Then
you have success, peace of mind and happiness with the 
goals you have had from the beginning.

 Woman caught the dimond

Success is a plan and then the actions it takes to become successful!

Men. I will get you a diamond next time!

In the meantime, Go IBO

Harley Petersen

I care, we care at Petersen Ministries. 

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| Fear | Fear of Writing | Writing | Fear of writing Press Releases |

A Life Of Fear

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Fear stops me from

• Writing Press Releases
• Calling prospects
• Calling my affiliates
• Calling my friends
• Writing my newsletters

What causes Fear?

• People won’t agree with what I write and then they won’t like me.
• People might make fun of me!
• People might ridicule me.
• My wife / husband does not believe I can!
• I might fail.
• Nobody will sign up.
• I will go broke

Anxiety Signs

• an abnormal and overwhelming sense of apprehension and fear
• often marked by physiological signs
• sweating, tension, and increased pulse
• by doubt concerning the reality and nature of the threat
• self-doubt about one's capacity to cope with it

It can be over whelming for anybody, but I have comfort from
personal experience from the following.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord,
Plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
Plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

Harley Petersen

Petersen Ministries News!

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| Black Smith Shop | Grand Pa | Horses | Buggy | Laughing Horse | Potato Sacks 

Web Site    

Pumping Iron!

My Mom and Dad had a Fruit ranch about 20 miles South-East
of Fresno California. My Dad’s parents had a ranch about 
1 mile away, so I knew them very well. 

                       Sister Janice and I hugging about 1942
My Sister Janice and I would see our grandparents very often.
Brother Ron was not born yet.
Grandpa passed away when I was about 15 years old. He was 
usually very serious, but occasionally he would pull a funny.
I was always interested in hearing about his young age and 
believed in everything he told me.

My grandfather was sent by his parents from Denmark at the age of 
14 to live with his Aunt and Uncle here in Minden, Nebraska.

My grandfather worked in a blacksmith shop, and he used to tell 
me how he had strengthen himself so he could stand the rigors of 

Photo of Blacksmith Shop about 1900s.

 He said he would stand outside the house and with a five-pound
potato sack in each hand, extend his arms straight out to his sides.

He would hold them there as long as he could. He did this 
religiously for three weeks.

After a while he tried ten pound potato sacks , then fifty-pound 
potato sacks, and finally he got to where he could lift a 
one-hundred pound potato sack in each hand and hold his arms 
straight out for a full minute!

He never missed a day and performed this exercise in the coldest 
and hottest weather. He was determined to be the best blacksmith
in the country.

       Image of Blacksmith
Shop and Blacksmiths working

He said that this was very hard, dirty, hot work, but someone
had to do it.

Then he told me,
  " Eventually, I started putting potatoes in the sacks."

Laughing Horse

O--h, ---Grand Pa!  

Have a good Day!!

I care
We care at Petersen-Ministries 


IBOToolbox Press Release

| Humor | cartoon | writing | Press Release | Pictures with words |

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Did you understand what I said?

Join me for just a minute back in September of 1993. That was the day
was the day that Beth had her complete arrest.
Petersen Ministries-about us.

Horse on it's back and Dr. going to do a resuscitation!

The Doctor and crew had finished their examines and said that they knew 
that something happened, but that everything is back to normal. 

I had just entered her hospital room and sat down on a chair across the 
bed from the hallway door. Our son and daughter-in-law had a still born
this same morning and I figured that our son might be a t the funeral home.

Beth said "have you heard from from our son?" I said, "No, shall I call
the funeral home," just as the nurse came through the door. She got
all flustered and almost screamed out "Your wife is not that bad!"

             Image women with schocked look on face

Did you hear what they said? Did you hear the whole thing?

When we make a presentation in text, have you checked to see just 
how you stated it? Did you paint a complete picture with your words?

Painting a complete picture develops trust, belief, and persuasion.


Harley Petersen

We can help you!
I care, we care at Petersen Ministries 

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 Speech | writing | Press Releases | art of Persuasion | Science |


Did you understand what I said?
(Number 2)

Beth and I were married in June 1957 and our wedding was just after I finished my 
sophomore year in college. We decided that I would go back and complete my 
college degree in 1969. I taught 5th grade one year and 6th for 4 years.

                    Beth and Harley wedding standing in front of ilder.
I was invited to work with two other teachers in an experimental set up in which
one taught English, one taught Social Studies and I taught Science. 

I did not like Science in High School nor in College. I told them that I would it
I could teach it with interesting and fun curriculum. They agreed. My system is
still used in that school, I might add.
               Elementary students in classroom
             We remember these days as the happiest or our life's.

Here is one example.Remember now, that Science is a study of a subject! This project
could be under the title of English, Social Studies or others.

I had a introduction class upon what we were going to study in this project. It was
a project of study of the art of persuasion. After the introduction, I divided them 
into groups of about 10.

The first student in the group started a sentence which they wrote down first. The
then whispered this sentence to no 2. This student wrote it down and then told
it to the 3rd, and so on.

I had developed award systems and this was a very good build of enthusiasm.

They were all amazed that not one student had heard the message clearly. What they
heard and Visualized was not even close to the starter page.

From this, we all learned that a study of words and how to put them together is
like an artist painting a picture in our mind. 

What can this do for you and I?  We are in the business where painting a picture
in our prospect's mind of what it is that they are seeking. We first of all need to
find out what it is they want and then help them see it. This is100% of success. 
If we do it, we succeed and if we don't we will be less successful. 

           Here we are after 56 years and going strong.

                Beth and Harley today
Harley Petersen
We can help!
I care, we care at Petersen Ministries

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| humor | concerned neighbor | widow | age | written | 


 Did you understand what I said?
(Number 3)

The concerned neighbor!

Worried that they hadn't heard anything for days from the widow in the
apartment next door, the mother said to her son, "Jimmy would you go 
next door and see how old Mrs Bird is?"

A few minutes later, Jimmy returned.
"Well, is she all right?" asked the mother.
"She's fine, but she's really not very happy with you," said Jimmy.
"Not happy with me?" exclaimed the mother. "Whatever for?"
Jimmy replied, "Mrs. Rock said it's none of your business how old she is."

Image of Elder Lady at the front door.

My purpose for writing this Article is to help those who want to become
successful in online marketing. I picked this subject because I also
need the reminder as much as anybody.

Notice that this is an example of how powerful your words can be 
for the positive reaction also just as powerful in the negative
reaction. We need to remember, it is not the volume of witting where
we accomplish our success, but it is the quality of the writing.

I am showing you the reaction could happen by a misunderstanding
of the directions in the following request the mother made to her son. 
I know this would make a good joke (humor) but it is also very
real in our writing and needs our attention. 

Here is an example!

 Image of a big black
dog and small dog
I am telling you about a big black dog. 

This sentence can mean one of three different things from 
the way you pronounce the words. Try it to yourself, by
speaking it with the first time saying the main word a little

1st. time louder on the word big. 
2nd time louder on the word black.
3rd time louder on the word dog.
What is the main picture you want them to see? Which
is the correct word for the picture you want to accomplish?
Is the main point the size of the dog or the color or the dog?

Harley Petersen

We care about you.      


IBOToolbox Press Release

Draft Horse Pull Winner
| Relationships | Percheron Breed | Gentle Giants | Draft Horses | Developing Trust |


Building Team Work and Trust

Have you ever seen a Draft Horse up close.

I mentioned in my last Press Release that
I had recorded about 90 minutes of the draft horse pull in Lincoln, Nebraska. They are much bigger than a saddle horse. Some are twice the size. This first video give you a good close up look at the Winning Team.

They get 3 chances to pull the required 20 feet. Notice the timing of the horses in the first try and the second the close timing of the horses with the command from the driver! This is the difference of team work which takes practice and a desire.

I have lot more videos and one of them would show us the comparison of good team work as one of the eight teams, the owner put in a sub and this team never worked together before was very noticeable that they could not get their timing together and therefore, could not pull much of a load.  From this, it is very visible that we humans could learn a lesson about team work!


Harley Petersen

I care, we care at Petersen Ministries   

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| humor | taxi | superman | Bride & Groom | 9-11|

It's time for a little humor with Notice of 9-11.

A man named John!

A man walked out into the street and managed to get a taxi that
was just going by. He go into the taxi, and the cabby said, "Perfect
timing, you're just like John.
 Cartoon image of a taxi!


"John Smith. There's a guy who did everything right. Like me 
coming along when you needed a cab . . . it would have happened 
like that to John."

"There are always a few clouds over everybody," the man replied.
"Not John. He was a terrific athlete. He could have gone on the 
pro tour in tennis. He could golf with the pros. He sang like an 
opera baritone and danced like a Broadway star."

Cartoon image of Super Man!
"He was something, huh?"

"He had a memory like a trap. He could remember everybody's
birthday, which fork to eat with and he could fix anything. Not
like me. I change a fuse and black out the whole neighborhood." 

   "No wonder you remember him so well."
   "Well I never actually met John."
   "Then how do you know so much about him?"

   cartoon image of Bride and Groom
"I married his widow."

Where was I on 9-11-2010? 
I know this is late (not timely), but it is coming. 
It was a time of agony as it was for many people and I
am in the process of researching the data. 

Harley Petersen

I care, we all care at Petersen Ministries


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| 9-11 | trucking | CB radio | truck driving | Nebraska | Iowa |Air Force One |


Where was I on 2-11-2001?

I was working for a trucking company as an over the road driver. We hauled
feeder cattle mostly from the Eastern and Southern states. Company owned
ten trucks and we had more business than we could keep up with. 

However, truck companies help each other when needed and at this time, I was 
one of the divers who was asked to haul Seed corn from central Nebraska
to the seed company plant in central Iowa. The truck I was driving was like
this one below.

I know that I had loaded in the corn field north of York, NE. and  made the
to Knoxville Ia. the evening before. I parked in line and slept until they
started unloading trucks in the morning and then I heard someone over the
CB radio about the first plane flying into the tower. 

                   Image of Peterbuilt truck and
My cell phone became very busy as a much younger man whom I had become
pretty friendly with was loading cattle into his livestock trailer which looked 
much like the one in the picture below, at Hypermarket, Va.which is just
37 mile from Washington, DC.

This driver was so busy and in a hurry to get loaded and to get out of the area
that he did not pay attention to the phone. He just barley got out of the area
before Patrols stated setting up road blocks to check drivers. He just barley
got out. and had no trouble. It had the rest of us very nervous for a couple
of hours.

                     Image of Peterbuilt truck pulling a liverstock

The pointer on the map indicates Haymarket Virgina where he was loading.

                    Image of map of
Haymarket, VG 37 miles from Washigton, DC

I really can not remember the timing of the incidents, but I remember that
I was on Interstate 80 west bound between Des Monies Ia. headed for
Omaha, Ne when I had heard on the news that President Bush had been
in Offutt Air Force base at Omaha and was headed to Washington, DC.

I knew that this could be very close to a route they would take and I kept
my eyes on the sky ahead of me and before long here it came right over me.
This is a sight I will never forget as Air Force One flew over me.

                       Image of Airforce one over head
Do you remember where you were and what were you doing!


Harley Petersen
We care at Petersen Ministries


IBOToolbox Press Release:

| humor | firewood | cold winter | National Weather Service | Find your Niche | 


Are You A Pinball?

     Image of Pinball machine.
Do you just bounce from one problem to another? Are you bouncing from one
home based business to another? Are you bouncing from one bill to another?

      Image close up of Pin ball table.

and evaluate and analyze your life. Be careful about where you get your
information. If not, you might run into something like this!

A cold winter coming:

   During the first part of autumn, the Indians asked their chief if the winter was
going to be cold or mild. Not really knowing the answer, the chief replied 
that the winter was going to be very cold and that the members of the village
were to collect wood to be prepared.

   Being a good leader, he decided that he should have some additional 
information to back him up.He then called the National Weather Service 
and asked, "I this winter going to cold?'

   The man on the phone responded, "Yes, it will be very  cold indeed."

   Hearing that, the chief went back to speed up his people in the efforts of 
collecting wood so that they would be prepared for the coming season.

   A week later he again called the National Weather Service and asked,
"Is it going to a cold winter?"

   "Yes," the man replied. "it's going to be a very cold winter."

               Image of Indian camp fire councel

The chief went back to his people and ordered them to keep collecting wood.

   Two weeks later he again called the National Weather Service to get evidence
for their prediction. "On what do you predict such a cold winter?" he asked.

   "Our evidence is indisputable," answered the meteorologist. "The Indians 
are collecting firewood like crazy!"

Would you base your decision on this kind of advice? You might unless you check
beyond just a statement by someone you know nothing about.

We can help!

Harley Petersen

I care, we care at Petersen-enterprise 


IBOToolbox Press Release:

When to Quit and When not to Quit!

| Heaven | Hell | Sixth Grade | Sunday School | Humor | Life's plans | Diamond Mine |


I was doing a little thinking about my past and what could I write for you. I remember
the five years I was teaching sixth grade and some of the experiences.

However, let me tell you about this. Somebody has been taking a peak at the new
web site we are building. How do I know, you ask?  Thank you

Very uphappy man

Because several people have made the comment that they would like to read or 
hear one of my sermons. 

Well, here it comes! 

I helped out in our church's Sunday school a few times. The lesson was about 
Heaven and Hell. Teaching was how to, by being good and going to Haven!

After telling them about it, I asked, "where do you want to go?" They all raised their
hands and (of course) said Heaven!

I asked: "How are we going to get there?" One young boy shouted, "Be dead!" 

Those were the days. Beth and I really feel that those were the happiest days 
of our lives.

I really enjoyed joking with them and they could come up with some really good
one liner, like this.

Dr. told the man, "You will be alright; I wouldn't worry about your leg."
The man said. "I wouldn't worry about yours either."

And then the students in my class knew that we could and should really enjoy 
each other and to do that, there is a time to get serious and they honored that 
as they saw that I honored their fun time.

So I explained to them that life is full of trials and failures. However if we make
plans for our life, know where we a going, we finish well and happy. But if
we don't have plans we may never know when we have completed them and 
we may give up just before we have succeeded. Just like this

The Diamond Mine

  Two men in their own mine shaft and one quites!

Harley Petersen
I care, we care at Petersen Ministries  
Check us out!   

IBOToolbox Press Release

| how to use words | sales copy | constructing sales copy | paint pictures with words.|


Listen Carefully

I know that a lot of you know that I taught 6th grade for 5 years.
In the English class, I empathized the art of learning how to use words
to paint a picture in the mind of the person you are talking to or writing.

I will share with you an assignment I gave them to discover the different
picture with just one word. Many times this is what develops misunderstanding.

Photo of Harley

"It's time to see how clearly you can think." I said to my class. 
"Now, listen carefully, and think about what I'm saying. 

"I'm thinking of a  person who has the same mother and father as 
I have. But this person is not my brother or sister. Who is it"

The kids in the class furrowed their brows, scratched their heads and 
otherwise showed how hard they were thinking. But no one came up 
with the right answer.

          6th grade Classroom

When everyone in the class had given up, I announced, 

"The person is me."

Jeff beamed at learning the answer. "That's a god one," he said to
himself. "I'll have to try that on Mom and Dad while we're eating 
dinner tonight."

Then night Jeff repeated the statement to his parents.

"I'm thinking of a person who has the same mother and father that I
have," he said. "But this person isn't my brother or sister. Who is it?"

His parents furrowed their brows, and scratched their heads and 
otherwise pretended they were thinking hard. After a while they 
both looked up at Jeff and said, "We give up. Who is it?"

"It's my teacher!" Jeff shouted.

I received several phone calls about this, some of humor
and some asking what I was teaching.

Used correctly.

Words are very powerful. 
Once said, you can't take them back.
They can bring you prosperity
 They can bring you happiness..
 They can bring you health.

Used incorrectly.

They can bring you the negative 
Once said, you can't take them back.
of everything you desire.

Harley today


Harley Petersen

I care---We care & Petersen Ministries 



 We Live to Create a Real Change in Your Life!


The month of April was a very busy month for this ministry and for me. My mother was 
98 ½ years old and passed away on April 15.

and her dog Sargent                                                   Elna Petersen and Sargent

I wrote five Press Releases, but did not have the time or the equipment to send out the 
same in this newsletter and did not want to make this letter so long. I therefore have 
included the five links below for your reading interest. These include my preparation, 
travel, and our last visit with our mother.

Edna Ullrich                                                              Edna Ullrich

Another topic is that Edna Ullrich (one of our Board Members) who is 90 years old, living 
in Eastern Iowa in an assisted living facility has been asked to direct the bible study 
group in the facility. Her comment to me was, I guess that the Lord has not finished with 
me yet! Our congratulations’ to Edna for a job well done!

Our Missionary, Eric Bawar reports that he pastors bible study classes in homes. He has 
as of this date, over 200 people that he ministers to each week. 

Eric lives with his parents and his room and board at taken care of. However he walks to 
the homes where he teaches bible studies. 

See Eric’s Page            Click Here

My Press Releases about my travels, last visit with our Mother and funeral.

1 http://ibourl.com/1nyy   Seasons of Life

2 http://ibourl.com/1nz4   Update from California

3 http://ibourl.com/1ol2   Saying Goodbye!

4 http://ibourl.com/1ol3   Saying Goodbye #2

5 http://ibourl.com/1ol4   I have returned

Until next time, I leave you with a message that I keep reminding myself everyday!

Jeremiah 29:11 
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not 
to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


   Grateful for the opportunity to serve,

   Harley Petersen              Beth Petersen
harley and beth petersen signatures

3711 Faulkner #107
Lincoln, NE. 68516
 402-327-2166 - Phone
Skype     Harley Petersen
Petersen Ministries
My Blog

beth and harley petersen ordination group

Beth Petersen Ordination CertificateHarley Petersen Ordination Certificate

Newsletter #1 

Welcome Friends

Beth & I and our team here want to thank you for joining us. Our goal is to earn your trust by consulting the Holy Spirit in the messages and updates that we are committing to do.

We are coming upon six months of constant, hard work of developing this web site. The main purpose of our web site is to help people be healed and come to know God. You will probably find it quite different than most Ministry sites. We will explain in more detail in the coming newsletters.

You will find humor here, you will find ways of saving money, ways of making money, and above all ways of being healed. You will also come to know God and develop a relationship with him!

Speaking of humor, please allow me to share this story with you.

turkey dinner

You can’t take it back! 

What I mean is that when you are speaking, you can not take back what you said.

This took place here in Lincoln, Nebraska about 20 years ago. Our oldest son and daughter-in-law invited our family, her family to there house for dinner that Easter.

There was about 20 to 30 at the table and as we sat down and everyone became quiet in anticipation of Son asking the blessing over the dinner, my son pulled a last minute surprise on me and asked, “Dad would you ask the blessing over our Easter dinner?”
Ok. Yes I will! 

Now I pray often, no big deal, right, except it is much hard speaking to those closest to you and their relatives than to strangers, casual acquaintance etc.

I said several opening statements of honest praise and worship and then started asking for forgiveness and said, “and forgive us our short…… “and couldn’t get out the word I wanted (comings) fast enough.

You probably know that it only takes one clown in the group to start it by one little snicker.

 happy couple mature

Back To Healing:

Can you imagine the genius of God’s plan for Healing? Is there any other way that he could show us he is real, in full control, powerful, and loves us by healing us when we commit ourselves to him!

Do you know why he wants us to keep the secrets of the Kingdom of God a secret?

(I will share the answer in your next email.)

We minster like Jesus said to do in receive their healing in Mark 16:15-18 and John 14:12.

The call to ministry came when I was in Bible College at Blair, Neb. and I felt a call into the ministry. I answered that call with a negative, because I could not see how a young man could minister and teach the older people. I really didn’t think about older people who don’t know the Lord as well as my parents did. I didn’t feel or hear any rebuttal and the idea faded away.

I was witnessing all through the years like an Evangelist on a one to one situations. My calling to become an Evangelist became clear after Beth’s legs were healed. We thank the Lord often for the friend who prayed over Beth’s legs for healing.

Many things have developed through the past 56 years since I receive that first call, and you could read a few of them here if you wish, Harley & Beth   http://petersen-enterprise.com/

We were very fortunate to study under Charles and Frances Hunter. Charles & Frances Hunter 

                                                                   Charles and Frances Hunter      Joan Hunter                                                       

Charles and Frances Hunter                        Joan Hunter

We also received instruction from Joan Hunter and the Ordination, Joan Hunter their daughter who worked with them for years and she also developed her own ministry over the past 15 years which has been growing stronger each year. In looking at her calendar is completely filled for this year.

Charles and Frances Hunter were in the Healing Ministry for over 40 years. As they put it in print, they started out with a record of maybe getting 1 out of 100 head. During the 40 years and many meetings with the Doctors and Chiropractors and other Medical Professionals who joined their board, they got to the point of 70 to 80 percent healed.

We don’t accomplish 70 to 80 percent healed yet, but we are amazed with the result which are more than most. We are able to this because of Charles & Frances knowledge and technique which is somewhat different than most!

We can not tell you everything in this one email as it would get too long. We will have another soon showing you much more of what is waiting for you in the newsletters to come..

happy famliy on sofa eating popcorn

Can You Imagine?

Can you imagine how you will feel as the pain, discomfort, depression leave and you have new strength and energy?

Can you picture in you mind how you will feel when you know with confidence that you will no logger have to suffer the pain, discomfort, agony, disfigurement, depression, poverty, death?

Can you picture in your mind the energy you had, dreams of things which you wanted to do, fun things you did.

You can still do all these things! God’s promises to you are real. He keeps his promises.

Click here to start your healing now.

Would you like to help us with our new website? 

 work at home dad and child
You can create content for our site.  We are flexible and will embrace most 
content.  What this means is that you can help us by writing about 
things such as:

your hobbies
areas of expertise



For an example, we have one volunteer who is writing about outstanding people who have lived in Lincoln, Nebraska (where we live). You can help us to help others from the comfort of your home.

Click Here to access our volunteer page.     

Gift Box     

I would like to close this newsletter with a thank-you-gift of God’s 6000 promises! 

Click here for your gift.


Harley Petersen is the Featured Member
of the Day at IBO Toolbox

Harley as Featured Member of the Day at IBO Toolbox website

Congratulations to Harley Petersen for being the Featured Member of the Day
at IBO Toolbox. The is his second time as FMOTD.

Great job, Harley, well deserved.

Toolbox is a social platform for independent business owners.
Click Here to learn more about IBO Toolbox

Fire broke out directly above Beth and Harley's apartment!


What happened, Harley?

Fire just 15 feet above our heads!

It all started with a loud bang and a bell ringing. I knew what it
was as a inspector had checked the fire alarm systems about one month

The loud bang was the fire door slamming shut and of course, the bell
is the warning system.

I stepped out of my office and said to Beth, I wonder if this is another
testing exercise. I opened our patio entrance for a moment and I heard the
sirens from The fire trucks which were arriving. Four trucks, one rescue unit
and the Fire Chief in his car arrived.

I stepped back in and got my heavy coat with hood, gloves and cap. I advised
Beth to get her coat and be ready.

I steeped outside and saw the firemen looking up above me. Two of them
passing by on my left and heading for the main door entrance were talking
about is it time that we get the people out? One said not yet, you and Joe?
get up to that 3rd floor pronto and radio down the condition.

Fourth truck turned and left. The one firemen who was giving the orders told
several of us that the first two in already had the fire out. A woman in
apt. 307 (Beth and I are in 107) was making dinner and something on the stove
caught fire. She could not contain it and it started the cabinets on fire.

They put a high volume fan in front of the main door to blow air in to the
building and opened the two windows you will see here in the video and the smoke
was really coming out the windows you will see are still open.

Then I thought about my camera, went in, brought it out and here is what you see.

From standing in our little patio (the one with the metal porch swing) I am shooting
towards the South. There are Five buildings in a big circle. You are looking down the
south half front of our building and will swing the camera around to the north half.

The open door with the Loud fan blowing air into the entrance was pushing heavy black smoke
at first, but that was gone by the time I took the video!

Our apt. is the first to the left of the front door. I moved over to the left so you
see our patio door better and Beth standing inside.

Hmm! makes a person stop and think how fast life could change.

What is our plan for the future?

Resource: Petersen Ministries
http://petersen-enterprise.com/  and  http://petersen-ministries.com/
Permission is granted to freely reprint or repost the above content as long as the content stays in it’s original form including this resource box.

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