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happy smiling baby girl with beautiful blond hair
Beth Loves Babies and Helps Make Deliveries Easier.  Read More to make your delivery easier...
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Noah on Net | Pain Relief | Moses 4 Prez|
beth and harley petersen
Welcome from Beth and Harley Petersen.
Thanks for visiting.  Please feel free to browse.
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What will  you discover in this unique website?

sleeping dog pretending to be reading

You may have a serious problem that needs immediate attention ,
the serious side is where you will find help.

We at Petersen Ministries also realize the value and importance
of laughter and humor.  

happy older couple

This is why you will notice that there is a lighter side .

Please feel free to browse, share our site with others,
and return often.
                               On the Lighter Side!                                                             On the Serious Side!                       
dog dancing video I could have danced all day, I could have danced all night!
You will enjoy this entertaining video.

Click Here to view.
lungs and doctor animated for cystic fibrosis Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disease that is
chronic and progressive.  Disease management can get
more difficult as the disease worsens.
Read More about healing Cystic Fibrosis...
laughing mom and son wash dog Why  the "Lighter Side"?

The anatomy of a laugh may surprise you.  
Read more....
animated man using car jack  What does a car jack have to do with the "Serious Side"?

The Serious side explained.
colorful animated fun games party Our Fun and Games Section:

How is you brain?  Try our fun quizzes!
Easy Quiz   Intermediate Quiz   Professionals Only Quiz
young smiling blond girl Mom does not have to die!                                             
 Dad does not have to die!

Short excerpt, and link
haloed jesus animated Can you figure out who Jesus is Tweeting about?

Have some fun with us.  See if you can recognize which Bible character that Jesus is Tweeting about!
back pain animated man lifting Back Pain Relief

Four out of five of us are in need of
Back Pain Relief at some point in our lives.
 Click Here to read more about back pain relief...
animated man with spyglass mystery Who Done It?

We will give you the clues, can you solve our "Who Dunnit?" mysteries?
animated female doctor reading cancer chart details Cancer  is a dreadful and horrible disease which is 
caused by a simple biological malfunction.  

Read more about cancer cure.....
beautiful new nice red car with huge bow Our Thank You Section!

Did you know that we have a Thank You gift waiting for you?  
You will enjoy it, but it is NOT a new car.  
Click here so we can say "Thank You for Visiting".
arthritic joints skeleton Arthritis strikes young and old.  
Arthritis comes in various forms which are
all capable of severe consequences.  
Click here to put a stop to your arthritis.
baby laughing with mom Tickle your Funny Bone!

You might have a grandma like this,
read more....
crying woman animated Are you and your family being robbed?  

Depression can tear you apart and your family as well!
Learn more about ending depression....
Due to overwhelming support, Moses has decided to run for President!  Sources have discovered that....read more...
fibromyalgia points animated on human in fetal position Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by ...
Read More about ending Fibromyalgia...
beautiful dog on pier So I'm at Wal-Mart buying a bag of
Purina dog food for my dog,

Read more... 
man showing his empty pockets Financial Hardship  
Financial problems are more prevalent than ever.  If you and your family are suffering from economic hardship,
click here for financial healing.
funny sleepy bull dog with party hat Is Petersen Ministries going to the DOGS?
Dog lovers do not miss this for you and your pet...Click Here

Wow!  Click here for an amazingly  dog video.
diabetes monitoring by pricking finger Diabetes Mellitus is a pandemic.  
Diabetes is more than inconvenient, its consequences
can be severe or even deadly!
Read More about ending Diabetes Mellitus.....
Cake eating with no hands humor Mom told me not to touch it!

Lots more in our Humor Section.
heart attack risk sign Heart Arrhythmia
Heart Arrhythmia  causes an irregular heart beat
which can be harmless, but also can be painful and
even life threatening.  
Read More about curing Heart Arrhythmia...
animated email envelope Share your story!
Do you have a humorous story, anecdote, video, etc. that you would like to share with us and our readers.  We will be happy to put it on our site.          
If you have, click here.
perplexed woman with raised hands How can I help Petersen Ministries at no cost.  
You can help our ministry to help others in one of two ways or both.
#1:  A new and unique way  is with We Care.  Learn more...

#2:  Donate your time online.  Learn More...
Red Fire Truck Number 119 Latest News:

Small Fire directly above Harley and Beth's apartment.
Fortunately no injuries.
See video!
confused animated with question marks What do I do if I cannot find healing for the ailment that I am looking for?

Click Here if you cannot find healing for your disease or affliction.
Harley Petersen You can never predict what Harley will say!
Find out if that is good or bad.

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For "The Rest Of The Story"
from Harley Petersen's Blog)  

Jesus is your Saviour now.
Jesus will be your judge later.

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